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Updating album info

All of the biographical and lyrical information on Pandora comes from partner services.

We don't write or host this material ourselves.

After step one above failed to work, we are going to have to input the album artwork ourselves.

1) The first thing we’re going to need to do, quite obviously, is find an image of the album cover. Google Images is a great source to find these images.

When you add media files to Windows Media Player, the Media Player will automatically attempt to retrieve file information from an Internet database.Another site that is great for album artwork is 2) You’ll need to save the image somewhere that is easily accessible. 3) Once the image is saved, you’ll need to re-open i Tunes.Once again, right-click on the song(s) you’re looking to add the artwork to and click “Get Info”.However, out of interest do the actual song files themselves have metadata stored in them?For example, find the one of these audio files in Windows File Explorer, Right-Click It's not something I've experienced and so I'm probably going to be of little help.

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