Speed dating calgary valentines day

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The second asking if he could try to convince me of why I should date him in one message. His message was: "I have a **** as tall as the Calgary Tower and as wide as The Bow." Yep, I deleted the app after that.""Calgary's "Balloon Man" messaged me on tinder and asked if I wanted to come to his house and hang out so he could show me his invention.

Then later (after he was arrested) asked if I'd ever been with a guy who had a mug shot.""I used Tinder, like, every day in the summer.

Catch him live as he doles out the details of his latest murderous escapades, lets you in on his latest axe to grind (literally), and generally gives the finger to love.

Tickets are .00 in advance here, or .00 at the door.

Pint sizes are also available if you decide one scoop just isn’t enough. For those of us not yet attached to a significant other this upcoming Valentine’s Day, the annual opportunity to acknowledge the fact that you’re still embracing the single life can be a hard pill to swallow. Gear up for a day or night of relishing in your own solo love-fest and put those tissues away. We’ve got the best ways you can live the solo life on V-Day without having and emotional D-Day…Add a little humour to the mix and check out the 13 Annual Single Losers Anti-Valentines Comedy Massacre at the WISE Hall.YVR’s horror comic, Gerald Gerald Geraldson, is back with his own tale of a broken heart.

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There are plenty of ways to partake in anti-Valentines-Day celebrations and we’ve got just the lineup for consideration.