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The only thirst I had was for coffee in the morning, or water to spit out of my mouth of laughter.One of the largest voice and video chat services on the Internet today is called Tiny Chat.Let's apply this knowledge to make a function randomises videos which can be easily called when the 'r' key is pressed: import processing.video.*; Capture cam; int maxmy Movies = 8; int my Movies Index = 0; Movie[] my Movies = new Movie[maxmy Movies]; int[] selection = ; void setup() void select Random Videos() void draw() void key Pressed() void movie Event(Movie my Movies) as you previously did).The code may not run as it is, but hopefully should illustrate an approach to solving the problems above.Yes, as Polynomial said, you have to be careful, as even if you don't cause any harm, your IP is being logged and you may get into trouble (legally). After all the camera needs to have some password when it is shipped, and the manufacturer clearly thought that it would be to complicated and expensive to set a different password on every single camera and print it on a piece of paper to include in the package.

Originally Posted by Militaratus I actually talk that casual to random strangers, but once private cam came into the conversation I started egging it on, knowing I was talking to a bot.

The fact that you used the oldest and simplest trick in the book does not change that.

So I just received a random "hi xox" message from a random person on PSN. The conversation didn't evolve correctly once I showed signs of pushback.

I made screens of the conversation so I can prove this really happened, but honestly the last place I would expect to find these kinds of chatbots was on PSN.

UPDATE: Screenshots of how you can recognize a bot profile, it's real easy! I actually got my first spambot message on PSN over this past weekend.

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Naturally curious I answered and a semblance of a normal conversation followed. Like I said, the conversation started normally, until the bot started mentioning that it does private cam shows.

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