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VICKI: Well I thought we could get away from it all and go on holiday!

VICKI: Well Matt, we don’t have to plan a holiday that carefully.

VICKI: Well you were very lucky - I didn’t get on with my brother very well at all when we were children - we used to argue about everything!

Read the conversation VICKI: Hey Matt, are you feeling ok?

I’ve got a temperature, a headache, a sore throat…. VICKI: Oh dear…I’d say you’re going down with the flu!

You can listen to conversations where the phrasal verbs are used, hear extra examples, and you can also get down to some funky music. VICKI: The plane leaves tomorrow afternoon so we need to set off for the airport at 11am. MATT: Wow, so we set off tomorrow afternoon, we stop off in Sri Lanka for 2 days on our way to the Maldives, and we get back in ten days time.Phrasal verbs are very common and are a really good way to make yourself sound more natural when speaking informal English.They can be difficult, but here you can find out how to use phrasal verbs to talk about each of our topics.

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Read the conversation VICKI: I’d like to start by talking about your early life - your childhood... VICKI: Yes, I want to take you back, to remember your childhood…. VICKI: Yes and on the journey we'll be meeting lots of phrasal verbs, so let’s take you back in time now! CALLUM: Well, I was always told to be polite and have respect and so on, but they tried to let me make my own mistakes.

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