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Egypt is the internationally used name but not the name used by the people of the country.

It derives from the Greek Aegyptos, which in turn probably comes from ancient Egyptian words referring to the land ( Hut-ka-ptah, or "house of the essence [ka] of Ptah," a local god).

In fact, the universal wedding symbol, the perfectly round ring, also dates back to the ancient Egypt, when the circle of the ring represented a union without beginning, without end. Therefore, you need to be well aware of the customs, traditions and religious events of the wedding if you are planning to get married to an Egyptian or planning a wedding in Egypt.

Whether one belongs to a wealthy family or is of modest means, Egyptian weddings are exuberant affairs.

The first time a relationship was given a legal name was in ancient Egypt.

Life in Cairo is much the same as it is in any other city of the world.

People get up in the morning, go to school or work, have meals with their family, spend time with their friends, and go to the supermarket, much the same as your family does. Only the wealthy can afford to live in free-standing houses because space is difficult to find.

There are a few small linguistic minorities, of which the largest is the Nubians, who speak two Nubian languages (Kenuz and Mahas) related to the Nilo-Saharan languages of the Sudan.

They represent less than 1 percent of Egypt's population, and are concentrated around Aswan.

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Men and women usually live at home with their parents until they get married.

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