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It's hard to show up somewhere when you know absolutely no one—but it's more likely you'll meet someone.7. The first few times you go somewhere alone you might be nervous—especially if you're used to striking up conversations yourself. Instead think about being open and welcoming—which brings us to the next tip…8. It may sound retro, but when it comes to dating and flirting, following traditional gender roles really does work. Put one foot behind the other and lean on your back foot or lean against the back of your chair.Raye recommends letting the man initiate the conversation.9. This posture is inviting, non-threatening, and signals that you're receptive to being approached.Here is another way to date effectively, when dating look your date in the eye and come up with a compelling reason to see them again.This means you actually must impress, only if your genuine., out this month backs the idea up—or at least the idea that if a woman shows up for your date in a red dress, she finds you attractive.If she avoids the color, she may be stringing you along.(Prior to this, 20 women had rated photographs of these alleged assistants solely based on their looks to determine their attractiveness.The two men who were chosen for the study were relatively close in terms of attractiveness but one was just above the midline and the other just below it.)When the ladies arrived at the study location, they were told the assistant was unavailable so someone else would be conducting it.

The four date rule is where you commit to yourself that you will go on four dates with someone to decide whether to see them again, it gives you time to get to know someone initially and give them a real good chance.

Seventy-nine women (between the ages of 18-43) participated in the study.

Each woman got an email about where and when the study would take place, including a photograph of the research assistant who would be there—some of them got an "attractive" researcher and others saw a photo of a decidedly "unattractive" one.

If they agreed to continue, they had their photo taken (one close-up and one of their entire body so that clothing could be viewed) and were then asked questions about their relationship status and personal perceived attractiveness, among other things.

The researchers then analyzed the photos and concluded that the women who thought they were meeting with the more attractive researcher were more likely to wear red than those who thought they were meeting with a less handsome dude.

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Researhcers set up 14 fake Tinder profiles in London, half were female and half male.