Dating faber castell slide rules over 60s dating london

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Dating faber castell slide rules

Clifford Stoll’s Scientific American article, When Slide Rules Ruled, drew attention to this epitome of slide rule development. Stoll writes, the 2/83N “is considered by some to be the finest and most beautiful slide rule ever made.” I purchased this 2/83N directly from Faber-Castell as new old-stock.In other words, it sat unopened on the manufacturer’s shelf since it was made, and has never seen the inside of an office or lab. The Castell 2/83N is a full-sized duplex rule, having scales on both sides of the slide and stator.In need of a direction in this new interest, I found out a little more about Faber-Castell's slide rules and their history, and decided to focus on them as a manufacturer.Other fairly significant reasons for concentrating on Fabers were the relative wealth of information on them, particularly in regard to dating them, and their prevalence and hence affordability.The Click on model number to go to model page with detailed descriptions, comparisons and photo gallery of all examples of a model, or click description to jump down to model within context by type and scale length on this page.Suggestions for Dating pre-1920 Faber-Castell Slide Rules Trevor Catlow Introduction As is well known, Faber-Castell began to date-stamp their slide rules in about 1920.The scales on the front are DFD and there are inch and cm rulers. The Addiator is the type with a negative display and the date code (very faint) appears to be 10/58. Scales are: K, AD, L// There are inch & metric rulers on the edges and tables on the reverse. Scales are: cm\LL2, AD, LL3\in// with motor & volt scales in the well. Boxwood and celluloid, plain reverse with model designation, etc on it. Faber Castell 1/54 Darmstadt ten inch closed frame wood/celluloid slide rule made in Germany in March 1953. The year code appears to be 14 but both the rule design and case are those for a 1930s rule and I have therefore concluded that 20 must be added, making it 1934. Month code 2 year code 9 presumably for February 1929. The tables on the reverse are very rubbed and the date code has been obliterated. A W Faber 379 five inch electrical engineering slide rule,made in Bavaria. It has the same scales as the one below but is an earlier version without scale designations or the white plastic back and the tables are different. Faber Castell 360 ten inch, closed frame, slide rule, made in Bavaria.

As I am interested in 'old things' and their developement, I narrowed my focus on Fabers to from their earliest models in the 1890's, through their model range explosion, up to when they first changed their model numbering system around 1935 - their formative years.Yet in the conservative German Empire of fin-de-siècle Europe, the marriage of a Faber into a family of the high nobility was regarded as too bold a leap upward socially.A morganatic marriage would have been required, and the Faber pencil works could not have remained in the hands of their descendants because trafficking in commerce was still considered an act of social derogation among members of the Hochadel. Faber Castell 67/87 System Rietz five inch plastic slide rule made in 1958. I have another, dated 11/57, promotional for Caltex lubricants. A top of the range plastic slide rule with metal end braces dating from April 1966. Faber Castell 1/87 Rietz ten inch closed frame slide rule made in Germany in 1948. Unlike the later version below this variant has no scale designations printed on it.

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