Circa 50 carbon 14 dating

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Circa 50 carbon 14 dating

Clark has been shooting stories for National Geographic for a long time but he describes this fossil to be “kind of another level.” Gizmodo reports that Caleb Brown, one of the paleontologists who has been studying the fossil since 2011 said, “This is one of the best preserved dinosaurs in the world.” Brown and his team are currently doing CT scans to help analyze the preserved innards of the nodosaur.

Brown also explained that the nodosaur was so beautifully, preserved thanks to being submerged in an ocean and then covered with layers of sediment.

I grew up in a Christian home and was taught the literal translation of the bible.

Meaning that I was taught that we were living on a young earth (~10000 yrs) and God created the earth and universe in 6 days.

“It’s not just the texture of the skin, some of the organics are still there,” said Brown.

The nodosaur fossil is currently being displayed at Alberta’s Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology.

No matter where i turn to, both say they have compelling evidence as to its own validity and the others faults, leaving me in the dark. Plants absorb both kinds, in the form of carbon dioxide, from the atmosphere. It’s a somewhat arbitrary, compromise of a date, but a fixed moment in the study of things that takes a really, really long time to change or move. In the earth’s atmosphere, there are carbon isotopes in relatively equal proportion to each other, including the stable carbon-12 and the unstable carbon-14.The nodosaur remains were actually discovered back in 2011 by a miner and only revealed to the world on May 12, 2017, reports National Geographic.This fossil specimen was so well-preserved that patches of its skin, armor and even what archeologists speculate to be its last meal remained, after being entombed in the earth for 110 million years.

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